We all share this one planet.
    There is so much that binds us, regardless of borders.
    We believe in community and equality.
    And we believe our Earth is worth protecting.
    We accept this responsibility.

  • One of Us

    Ethletic is part of a movement.
    We don’t follow the mainstream. We’re moving forward.
    We’re open to creative approaches, criticism and ideas.
    We can accomplish more together than alone.
    And it’s more fun like that, anyway!

  • One mission

    Ethletic sneakers are more than a product.
    They are pioneers of a new era.
    Environmentally-friendly, humane, ethical.
    Ethletic. A different kind of status symbol.

  • Movement. This is so crucial for us. We don’t believe in standstill, in accepting the status quo just because it’s been done this way forever. We try to make things better. Some might call this starry-eyed or “naïve”. We call it going back to the roots; back to things like fairness, care, respect, friendship, and yes, fun!

  • Awareness. Fashion lovers all around the world are becoming more and more conscious about the way their clothes are produced. “Who made my sneakers?” “Who made my shirt?” The good news is that we actually know! The people who work for us aren’t numbers on a balance sheet or a cost factor for us. We appreciate their skills, their commitment and their history. We work together at eye level. We grow together and learn from each other. It’s a process. The journey is the reward, and while we’re at it, we really enjoy the ride.

  • Evolution. Ethletic started out as a venture to bring the world’s first fairly manufactured soccer balls onto the market, a pioneering achievement in an industry that was infamous for child labor and inhumane working conditions. Since then, we have evolved into a sneaker company relying solely on Fairtrade certified organic cotton and sustainable rubber. With our reliable, solid supply chains we are designing new products representing our very own take on fair fashion.

  • Passion: We love to create ethical products that are fashionable and fun. And we love it that you like them, too. There is no restriction in the way we view fair fashion. We see challenges we are willing to accept. Designing products from natural resources that don’t just look good, but also comply with our guidelines of “fair, vegan and sustainable” can be hard from time to time. But we are in this together. And the vista is so worth the climb.


    ... where we’re from, and where we’re going.
  • 2004

    It all began with a ball, the world’s first fair-manufactured soccer ball, certified with the FSC seal. Made in Pakistan.
  • 2006

    15 percent of the retail sales price goes to the production facility’s newly founded Talon Workers Welfare Society.
  • 2010

    The world’s first sneaker on the market certified with the Fairtrade seal for fairly traded organic cotton is from Ethletic.
  • 2010

    Ethletic is acknowledged as a certified supplier by the German Fair Trade association Weltladen-Dachverband.
  • 2015

    A fashion-oriented collection is added to our range of classic sneakers.
  • 2016

    PETA awards Ethletic its “Vegan Approved” seal.
  • 2016

    Ethletic wins the Fairtrade Award in the “Manufacturer” category.
  • 2017

    An Ethletic initiative leads to the foundation of Pakistan’s first Fairtrade cotton cooperative.
  • 2018

    Ethletic updates its logo and expands its range of vulcanized canvas sneakers.
  • 2019

    Ethletic expands new supplier chains in Sri Lanka, the home of the natural rubber used in the shoes.
  • 2019

    Ethletic develops new sneakers made of Fairtrade cotton and patched with natural vegan leather.


  • Anett

    Order Processing

    Anett is the newest member of our team. Working at our office in Lübeck she handles all the orders we receive.

  • Birgit

    Back Office

    Birgit joined us in 2011 and manages our accounting office along with "a million other things" day in and day out.

  • Jessica

    Customer Care

    Jessica listens to our customers and their concerns. She handles all of our emails, calls and packages.

  • Kambiz


    Fair Deal Trading Managing Director Kambiz is our contact for retailers large and small, both domestically and abroad.

  • Johanna


    Our designer Johanna is involved in everything related to aesthetics. She has been key to moving Ethletic forward since 2014.

  • Marc


    As CEO, Marc has pulled the strings at Ethletic since 2011, always in pursuit of making our products even more sustainable.

  • Sandra


    Sandra moves heaven and earth spreading the Ethletic name so that as many people as possible can get Ethletic sneakers.

  • Annika

    Press & Social Media

    Annika makes sure everyone has the info they need. She supervises the Ethletic Blog, Instagram and Facebook page, ensuring that the brand is constantly on peoples’ lips.