Designs from Lahore

And the winner is …

Huma Nauman Design
Surfaces, textures, colours: A so called “mood board” the student from Lahore built.

Your favourite design from Lahore comes from Huma Nauman!

For a little less than one week the Ethletic supporters have been casting their votes – the favourite has been quite clear early on, though: It is Huma Nauman (27) with her “Patterns and Prints” design. Congratulations, Huma! Your shoe will be produced as a “Limited Edition”.

By Annika Langhagel
Design Huma Nauman
The winner managed to collect 210 votes: The sneaker design by Huma that will now be produced.

“My name is Huma Nauman, I am 27 years old”, the winner writes to us. “I have done my Masters in Art and Design from Beaconhouse National University (BNU) Lahore. My journey started with empowering craftsmen and designing shoes that are environmentally friendly with multiple wears. So I came up with producing my own material.”

Huma made yarn out of crepe paper, newspaper and plastic. Further with the help of knitting technique, she fabricated surfaces. “Keeping in mind the quality of the material, I ended up doing product design for my thesis display”, she recalls.

Huma Naumann
Huma Nauman from Lahore

“The idea behind creating this pattern was to promote craft made rail surface (patchwork) along with consciously weaving wooden prints to contribute to preserving the nature.”

Her goal was to build an image reflecting the mechanics of weaving wooden yarn into patchwork surface. “The abstract flow of an endless pattern built on the same grid results in kind of delectable handmade imperfection”, Huma says.

Huma Nauman Design
Yarn made of crepe paper, newspaper and plastic: Huma uses traditional crafts and wants to “empower” craftsmen.

We would like to congratulate Huma for winning the poll! In the end, she accumulated 210 votes, more than the dolphin design by Hira Shafiq (101 votes) or the owl design by Zona Syeda (78 votes).

Humas design will now be produced in a limited lot size of 100 pairs. We will inform you about the delivery date just in time via the blog, Facebook and Instagram.

THANKS to all of you who have taken part in the vote! The winner of one pair of sneakers is: Uli Vogel – congrats!

Mentioned below you can see some impressions from the story behind Huma’s design, thereunder three photos from the Ethletic manufactory in Sialkot the student group had been visiting. We are already looking forward to our next university collab!

Your team Ethletic