Gewinner Limited Edition

And the winner is …

A nip-and-tuck race


We would have never dreamt of an involvement this huge: During one week, 4200 votes for our Student Designers have been casted by the crowd. Awesome! : )

Hundreds of enthusiastic comments, and the designs have been shared widely throughout Facebook. Each and every design has been able to reach its “fans”.

We are more than happy that you seem to enjoy this collab as much as we do.

A big thank you goes out to all the young designers – and to you!

Two designs have been able to distance themselves: The “Recycling Plastic”-Model by Melina Wille and Sara Husein (“Anatomy of a Plastic Bag”) as well as the Monkeys by Sina Schmidt. By the end of the voting process on April 5 at 9 a.m. they were apart by only 138 votes. The runner up Phillip Brunner and his “Faces” gathered a total of 430 votes.
So… after debating for a while what to do with this very tight result, we felt it would be more fair to have two winners. Also due to the fact that Melina and Sara were able to double their “follower power” by having the Chance to be potentially twice as much “shared” as Sina, who worked on her own.

Therefore – drum roll – we will have two first places!

Place 1a with 1498 votes for Melina and Sara, place 1b with 1359 votes for Sina. Congratulations! Both designs will be produced as a “Limited Edition” of our Fair Trainer.
We hope you’re all ok with this decision we made.

Melina und Sara
Happy: Designers and friends Sara (left) and Melina.      Photo: Gordon Räck
Dankeschön von Sina Schmidt
What a smile: Thank-you-ape by Sina.

The winner of our raffle contest is Fabi Ru, by the way. He voted for the wonderful bamboo design by Katarina Kalaoja but will surely find a favourite among the two winners.

THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts, and best wishes!

Yours Team Ethletic