Black Friday Sale Ethletic

Buy more, choose well, have a blast! Some honest thoughts on BLACK FRIDAY

So in all this Black Friday craziness that sometimes leaves us a bit breathless these days, we do not want to sit back and let the fast fashion brands take the lead (and the money) – we want you to buy more. Of the good stuff, of course! That is why for the second consecutive year, Ethletic offers its own Black Friday sale.

Black Friday Classics Red Trainer

We all know, more or less, what big corporations do with their money: They tend to not invest it wisely in terms of ecological responsibility and humane working conditions and salaries. On the other hand, we know what Ethletic, just as any other fair and eco-centered company, does: More of a good thing! We pay living wages, we pay Fairtrade and many other premiums, we invest in the transparency of the supply chain, brand new options like Tip Me, and the development of sustainable styles.

So when it comes to the Black Friday frenzy: Why on earth should we mute our voice? Why should we knowingly tolerate that consumer choices during these days are made between options that are less than ideal? We rather challenge the big brands by offering our ethical alternative – on Black Friday just like on any other day since 2004.

Spark sales and thank you for your support

That being said, we do not encourage anyone to buy a thing she or he doesn’t need. Still, in case you chose to buy a new pair of trainers, it better be Ethletic! : )

This is why you will find all our heritage sneakers – old logo, signature style – 50 percent off from now until Sunday, November 28, midnight. For us, it is a way to spark sales in our sneaker low season and ensure the production in Pakistan can run on and on – in a year that has been Covid-stricken just like 2020 anyway -, and to thank you, our customers and followers, for your ongoing support.

On this Black Friday, shop small and have a blast!

Your team Ethletic

PS: The wonderful original quote “Buy less, choose well, make it last” comes from fashion designer and icon Vivienne Westwood.

Black Friday Classics

Text: Annika Langhagel