Now online: TRACE YOUR SNEAKERS! Test the new tracking tool

Dear Fair Family! We are relieved because our plan worked: Just in time for Fashion Revolution Day 2021, we put our new tracking tool TRACE YOUR SNEAKERS online! You can find it on every product page.


That means: Thanks to the technical solution from our partner Brands Fashion, you can now easily understand the supply chain of your favorite sneakers – every single step from the cotton field to delivery to your doorstep.

Please don’t hold it against us if individual items aren’t that pretty and user-friendly yet – TRACE YOUR SNEAKERS is, so to speak, “work in progress”. Nevertheless, it was so important to us to present this tool on the eighth anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster, because: Only if – in addition to political activism – more and more consumers make more and more informed purchasing decisions and commit companies to their responsibility will such catastrophes become effectively prevented in the future.

We want to answer the fashion revolution question “Who made my clothes?” with TRACE YOUR SNEAKERS as comprehensively as we can.

This tool enables us to make many individual parts of our philosophy – such as fair pay for workers, sustainable organic farming, and Fairtrade-certified production facilities – visible and tangible.

We hope you enjoy the tool and the insights it gives you.

To the best of our knowledge, we are the first sneaker manufacturer in the world to document such transparency to the outside world.



Less marketing. More informed decisions. This is how we see the future of fashion.

Visit the online shop and try it out!

By the way: until Sunday, midnight, we deliver free of charge throughout Europe and to the USA with the code FASHREV2021 on the occasion of the #fashrevweek and the TRACE YOUR SNEAKERS launch!

Thank you for your support.
Thank you for being there.

Your Ethletic team

Text: Annika Langhagel