Who’s running our sneakers?

We’re eager to get to know the people who wear our sneakers and help make the world of fashion a little bit better place! Under the heading “ONE OF US” we want to introduce people like you to the public to show just how diverse, how big and how strong our Ethletic Community is. And remember, this format isn’t about bloggers or influencers…it’s about you!

You identify with our values for making the world better today and tomorrow? You regard yourself as a member of our community and want to lend a hand in the Ethletic mission of creating a world that is fair, sustainable and animal-friendly? Then please send us your ONE OF US application.

What does my presentation involve?

We’ll compile a brief article about you with photos of yourself and publish it on our blog under the “One of Us” heading. We’ll also publish your photos and a brief description of who you are on our social media channels.

So send us your fully completed application and as a token of our appreciation we’ll send you a ONE OF US shirt of your choice, free of charge. And if we publish an article about you we’ll also send you your choice of a pair of our shoes, also free of charge!

Take a look at Sabina’s blog article to get an idea, how your presentation might look like.

We’ll need the following material from you:


  • At least one portrait photo featuring your face in the center. Feel free to look straight at the camera!
  • One photo that shows you in your surroundings – this can be at your college campus, at work, enjoying your hobby, on a trip, whatever….
  • And one photo depicting a detail from your daily life – a pet, a special tool, another photo, a part of your home, a work of art, etc… (You don’t have to be depicted or visible in this pic)

For the photos please make sure that:

  • no other people are recognizable (if you want to show your own children please include them in the Declaration of Consent)
  • ideally no brand names or logos are visible or recognizable (for instance, on a cereal box, on a shirt…)
  • drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes are not depicted
  • no furs are worn
  • and the quality of the photos is sufficient (min. res. 1024×768).

Important: If you send us photos shot by someone else, make sure that the photographer agrees to you assigning the usage rights for the photos to us in accordance with the Declaration of Consent. This is especially important if the person who shot or owns the rights to your photos is somehow involved in business with photos…someone like a professional photographer or a model agency, etc. You’re on the safe side if you have a trusted friend or family member take your pictures, or if you use photos taken in similar private circumstances.

Send us the photos either attached directly to your email or via WeTransfer.com, or alternatively send us a Dropbox link for your pictures to preserve their quality so we can use them.

Personal Profile and Declaration of Consent

To feature you as ONE OF US we need you to send us a little bit of info about yourself along with your official permission for us to use the photos you’ve sent. Download the two Personal Profile and Declaration of Consent documents and fill them out completely. Please answer the questions in the Personal Profile as comprehensively as possible so we can really get to know you.


Sound’s interesting? Then what are you waiting for?!

Just send an email to oneofus@ethletic.com with your completed ONE OF US documents and all the photos we need attached, and write the following in the subject line: “Ethletic ONE OF US – Count me in!”. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible and let you know if a feature on you is coming up!