Ophélie: “I love brands that share my convictions”

Vegan à la francaise! Ophélie from France is one of our longtime Ethical Supporters. We are excited to introduce the architect to you, plus her favorite Ethletic sneakers for the spring season! As an extra goodie for you, Ophélies picks are now 20% off for a couple of days! Enjoy.

My name is Ophélie, I am 25 years old, I am an architect, and I’m @ophelieia on Instagram. I’m vegan for almost 11 years, for the love of animals.

I want to consume intelligently and ethically, whether it is in my food, my hobbies, or the way I choose my clothes, shoes, etc.

Ophélie wearing an outfit featuring the Ethletic Fair Deck in “Just White”.

Being a fashion lover, and passionate about the vegan subject, I have at heart to wear brands that look like me and share my convictions.

I discovered the brand Ethletic almost 5 years ago, and I fell in love with it.

I love the design of these sneakers, their comfort, and especially the fact that they are vegan, ethical, and made by adults, who are employed, and paid at their fair value.

They go with all outfits, whether they are cool, or rather businesslike … these sneakers never leave me.


Jeans or dress: There’s no look you can not pull off with our Fair Trainer.

Ethletic is a brand that I love, and I wish it to grow and grow, and to be known by everyone!”

Thank you so much for your nice feedback, Ophélie. So great to see our sneakers worn with so much style!

You can find Ophélies selection for 20% off here (offer valid until Monday 5, 2021!): 


Fair Deck: https://shop.ethletic.com/de/fair-deck-collection-just-white.html


Fair Trainer: https://shop.ethletic.com/de/fair-trainer-white-cap-hi-cut-collection-19-just-w.html


Spring vibes! Ophélie loves to combine her Fair Deck with colourful looks.

Editor: Annika Langhagel