Peta Vegan Fashion Award

PETA Fashion Award: Hiro is “Best Sneaker 2021”! Our Thank-you-discount for you

The year ends with a surprise for Ethletic: PETA Germany gives us the “Vegan Fashion Award 2021” for our model Hiro II! For us, the core of our brand is that all of our models have always been produced vegan. At the same time, it is our aim to offer sneakers that not only can keep up with conventional brands in terms of fashion but also simply convince visually regardless of their “inner values” – fair, vegan, and sustainable. Therefore we are very happy about this award.

Awarded in the “Best Sneaker” category: The Hiro II from Ethletic.

The Hiro as a “contemporary product” made from organic cotton

The demand for vegan clothing has been increasing for years. In addition to pioneers like Ethletic, young designers and more and more established labels also offer animal-free fashion. In order to further promote this positive development, PETA Germany has been giving the “Vegan Fashion Award” regularly since 2013 – an award for, quote, “stylish, innovative, sustainable and vegan clothing”.

“With the prize in the Best Sneaker category, Ethletic shows how organic cotton, natural rubber and fair production can be merged into a contemporary product like the Hiro. We at PETA warmly congratulate you on the Vegan Fashion Award 2021 “,

says Frank Schmidt, Head of Corporate Affairs at PETA.

This year, for the eighth time, the Vegan Fashion Award will be presented to fashion companies and designers who have made a conscious decision to manufacture animal-friendly clothing, shoes, accessories and bags without animal ingredients such as leather, wool, down, fur or silk.

Our motto: “More than vegan”

Unlike some of the previous award winners, Ethletic does not offer a product in an otherwise conventionally produced range that adorns itself with the title “vegan”. We understand vegan more comprehensively: as a far-reaching, ethical and environmental measure.

We think that you shouldn’t be satisfied with an “animal-free” product, because:

The trend towards the “vegan” label also means that problematic products, just because they are not directly based on animal suffering, get a better image than they deserve, even with regard to the manufacturing process and their social and ecological effects.

Ultimately, there is no point if the product labeled as “vegan” pollutes the ecosystem just as much as the conventional one, and we continue to decimate the habitat of a diverse, functioning ecosystem – the big problem for all wild animals too.

Ethletic as a pioneer for other companies

Millions of animals suffer and die for the fashion industry every year, including cattle, sheep, foxes, geese and crocodiles. That is why it is important for PETA to honor fashion designers who consciously decide against animal suffering and create innovative styles. The Vegan Fashion Award makes clothing purchasing more transparent for customers and creates an incentive for other companies to switch to vegan materials.

Our thank you discount for you!

We would like to look forward to the Vegan Fashion Award together with you – and today we are starting a thank-you campaign with a discount of 20 percent on the winning model, the Hiro II – until the end of December. Treat yourself to your favorite vegan sneaker and maybe give away one or two pairs to friends and family members.

Have fun choosing!

Your Ethletic team

Text: Annika Langhagel
Photo: PETA Deutschland e.V.