Why we support tip me

In the Pakistani fairtrade manufacturer "Talon Sports", the producers not only earn minimum wages, but living wages. The families of the workers have access to education and health care and the working conditions are many times better than in most factories in the country. The average daily wage there is five euros. With tip me, the daily wage could theoretically be doubled if, for example, 70 customers in our online shop gave a tip of € 5 a day. Since tip me pays 100 percent of the tip to the employees and there are no deductions for administrative costs, money transfer costs or the like, tip me tips have a higher value for the employees in the factory than, for example, the fairtrade bonuses. In addition, the tip recognizes the work of our team that produces the wonderful sneakers and conveys the appreciation to the people who enable us to consume these products. Since September 2019, buyers of Ethletic sneakers have been able to tip those people who made their shoes in the Talon Sports Fairtrade factory in Sialkot, Pakistan. The small amount that people put in the shopping cart appreciates and supports the shoemakers and their families.


Tip me's vision is a world in which fair products are a matter of course. Our mission is to offer solutions for fair value chains. We want to strengthen transparency and responsibility in supply chains and support consumers in making informed and sustainable decisions. For this we use the digital possibilities of our time.


Your tip goes directly and 100 percent to the workers. Each individual receives a fair share of the hours worked by SMS transfer directly to their mobile phone. This means that your thank you will arrive directly, safely and 100%.



"What happens to my tip?"

If you want, tip me will keep you informed about where your tip is by email or WhatsApp. In real time, you can find out when your tip is being paid and someone is fulfilling a wish.

Over 90 worker

A total of 90 workers currently receive tips every month and can fulfill small and large wishes for themselves, their families or relatives.


direct effectiveness

What makes the global tip special is that it is transferred directly to the workers' cell phones without any obscure detours.In this way, customers can see exactly that 100% of the tip arrives where it belongs. Conventional labels were founded with the best of intentions, but still make too little use of the opportunities of the 21st century. So far, donations have been collected and distributed. How much of it is really used, for example to save the rainforest or to improve wages in factories, is often difficult to understand and understand. This is where tip me comes in effectively. So kannst du deinen Impact wirklich direkt nutzen.

Imagine being able to tip the people who make your shoes - it's easy!


You can simply put your tip in the shopping cart.

2. tip me transfers your tip directly to the workers

Your tip will automatically be sent directly to the staff in Sialkot, Pakistan.

3. The workers see the receipt of the tip on their mobile phones

The tip is available to the workers directly as credit over their telephone.

Fozia Bibi

Finishing & packaging; ethletic; Sialkot;


"I am a single mother of three. With the tip me money I can afford to buy new clothes for my children."

Ajmal Waqas

Stitching; ethletic; Sialkot;


"I am proud of making good quality shoes. I can use the tip me money to go out and have fun with my friends"

Imagine you could tip the people that made your shoes. At ethletic, you can. 100% of tips go to workers directly.

Pakistan is the fifth most populous country in the world

Who made my sneakers?

More and more fashion enthusiasts around the world are worrying about where their clothes actually come from. You ask yourself: “Who made my sneakers?” Or “Who made my shirt?”. We have an answer to that. A good answer. One that we fully support. For us, the people who work for us are not numbers on the balance sheet or mere cost factors. We know their stories, value their skills and love their commitment. We all work together on an equal footing. We grow together and learn from one another.


The Team:Jonathan, Robin, Helen and Oliver

Who is behind tip me?

The idea for the global tip came to Jonathan during a demonstration against Primark. It seemed wrong to him that a t-shirt cost less than a cup of coffee. He finally met his two colleagues at conferences: Helen had previously worked on an international level in the field of poverty reduction. Robin studied the impact of transparency in global supply chains.Oliver joined the team shortly afterwards and has been adding IT expertise to the team ever since. Together they let the idea grow into a social enterprise. And the drive is still the same: Fighting global injustice through simple, everyday solutions that are accessible to everyone.

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Muhammad Yaseen

this is our team

Sikandar Ali
Tatjamal Rani
Muhammad Ashraf
Fozia Bibi
Hassan Ali
Maqsood Ahmed
Muhammad Zulfiqar
Nusrat Parvaiz
Muhammad Eshan
Shaukat Ali
Muhammad Ahmad
Manzoor Hussain
Muhammad Asif
Mudasar Khan
Zulfiqar Ali
Muhammad Azam
Muhammad Younis
Muhammad Naveed
Muhammad Khalid
Hussain Khadam
Rashid Ali
Munir Ahmed
Muhammad Iqbal
Muhammad Irfan
Mohammad Ishan
Ruksana Qousar
Tariq Saleem
Kashif Ali
Ajmal Waqas
Falak Sher
Aitezaz ul Hassan
Shahid Mehmood
Shaid Iqbal
Rehana Kosar
Abduul Rauf
Muhammad Anwar
Muhammad Kashif
Muhammad Imtiaz
Mehmood Ahmed
Shamas Nazeer
Rksana Kousar
Rizwan Majeed
Muhammad Hammad
Muhammad Shabaz
Muhammad Mushtaq
Muhammad Boota
Muhammad Ishan
Arslan Ashraf
Asjjad Ali
Ahtasham ul Haq
Kiran Shehzadi
Muhammad Asghar
Muhammad Usman
Ghulam Muztaza
Mohsan Ail
Muhammad Yousaf
Jamshaeed Iqbal
Maqbool Hussain — Sampling Master
Zulfiqar Ali — Production Manager