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TRACE YOUR SNEAKERS: Why we are showing even more transparency for Fashion Revolution Week

In times of environmental degradation and climate change, exploitative working conditions and animal suffering, it is not just “nice” to take responsibility for how a product is created. It is our obligation.

Manufacturers need to know what materials their products are made of – and customers shouldn’t trust blindly.

“Who made my clothes, who made my sneakers?”

These questions will be asked thousands of times to fashion companies around the world during Fashion Revolution Week.

Rightly so!

And it is not enough as an answer to show a few smiling production employees on your website (as happy and with such a good conscience we do this!). It takes more to prove which social and ecological standards a product meets.

The “FashRev” initiative 2021 also calls for more attention to detail when following up: “Who made my fabric?” is the key question this year, so who has woven the fabric?

The times of superficial explanations are over.

As the inventor of the fair trainer in 2004, Ethletic is now the first sneaker brand to go one step further and consistently document its supply chain: With the help of the new tool TRACYCLE, which we will be launching in a first version for Fashion Revolution Day on April 24th in our online shop.

With our partner Brands Fashion, we offer customers the opportunity to use a tracking or QR code to understand the entire supply chain of their favorite sneaker.

From the cultivation of our sustainable, renewable raw materials, which make up 98 percent of our sneakers, to the processing and into the hands of the buyer, Ethletic offers fundamental transparency.

With Tracycle it is possible to map our philosophy and the value chain behind Ethletic specifically and directly for every pair of shoes.

As pioneers of fair, ethical sneakers, a transparent supply chain has always been the core of our philosophy – with Tracycle we make it tangible.

TRACYCLE offers transparency about the origin and manufacture of Ethletic sneakers to an extent that is unique. We take our customers with us where the story of the products begins, on the fields and plantations.

From the organic cultivation of cotton to the extraction of our rubber on the FSC-certified rubber tree plantations, from cotton spinning and production to online retailers in Europe: We show you how your sneakers are made and all the steps in our value chain.

We would like to support all interested parties in answering the very important question of our time: Is it acceptable to consume this product?

We at Ethletic believe that we live up to our own standards and those of our customers. With all of our ideas for further improvements, our commitment to a transparent supply chain is another step in the right direction.

Less marketing. More informed decisions.

This is how we see the future of fashion.

We are fashion revolution!

On the occasion of the Fashion Revolution Week and as a thank you for your commitment to fair fashion, we are offering you free shipping from April 18 to 25 – throughout Europe and to the USA. Just use the code FASHREV2021 – and enjoy. ; )

Text: Annika Langhagel, Beat Urs Gruber
Header Photo: Nicolas Raymond

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