We are all in this together

First and foremost, we wanted to inform you about our current collection with this newsletter, which is now available in our online store.

Instead, we decided to say a few personal words to you.
We know our community and know what distinguishes it – and you as part of it – in a special way: a pronounced sensitivity, a great sense of responsibility and instinctive fairness.
These qualities may not make it easier for you at the moment, but they make you tall and strong and are particularly needed.

Despite and precisely because of the numerous push messages on our smartphone and official communications from relevant institutions that make it clear to us how serious the situation is, we hope that you are well and that you are healthy.

Because each of us has personal concerns at the moment: for our own health and that of family and friends. To the workplace. For the future as a whole. That’s why we have to stick together right now. Respect each other, take care of each other, help each other and be alone together so that we can be together again as quickly as possible.

Many issues that ethletic takes on, such as fair wages, global responsibility and sustainability, are currently taking a back seat, but we can only lose sight of them for a short time. Our colleagues in Pakistan, with whom we have a close partnership, also need us. Now more than usual.

COVID-19 is a game changer. “We are in this together” is now tangible for us here.
We very much hope that we can now hear and feel this call for solidarity and pass it on, and that we will learn to have it in us in the future.

We have to use the crisis as an opportunity. With a lot of love in the heart, solidarity in the hands and creativity in the head. We also hope that we can all perceive and appreciate the relief of nature.

Our designer Johanna has created a picture for you. It should make you feel positive and make you happy. We’re happy if you share it with your community. And of course we would like to invite you to discover the “good vibes” from Johanna in our new collection.

Your Ethletic team