May we introduce: Esther Suave

Esther Suave
Unterwegs in Italien mit unserem Monochrome: Pro-Skater Esther Suave.

“Skating moves me, it carries me and takes me on a journey”

We would like to intoduce to you a new face in the “Fair Family”, a new “Ethical Supporter”: Photographer Esther Suave from Berlin. The 31-year-old is a passionate skater – and is wearing Ethletic sneakers as part of her equipment. Currently Esther is working on a new, sports appropriate version of our Fair Skater with our designer Johanna Balzer. Read for yourself what Esther thinks about her life and fair trade.

Esther Suave für Ethletic

“I am Esther Suave, 31, professional photographer. Four years ago, I made the best decision in my life – I started skating. Skating moves me, it carries me and takes me on a journey. You just live the moment and everything else becomes superfluos.

I fall, I get on my feet again, I become stronger, gain trust and learn alot about myself, my fears, my strength. It’s like real life, just more real, purer, freer.

It’s been some years I have been more abroad than at home. A modern nomad. While traveling I always try to understand what’s normal in this culture and country. Then I seek for the absurd, exceptional, for subcultures, loners, visionaries and strong women.

Traveling taught me that the perspective in life I grew up with is ridiculously microscopic. And that there is something horribly wrong with this world. Huge whales stranded at the coast, dead, their stomachs full of plastic. Our first world wars being carried out by innocent people. Our advanced science wasted with the development of self-destructive or fragile material and products. Women worldwide who suffer from male dominated societies and laws and abuse that makes them still always 2nd or even last.

So where do we start and how?
1. Don’t resignate.
2. I do believe there can be a change and I want to be part of it.

I boycott companies that have blood on their hands (so nearly all), I don’t buy things I don’t really need, I don’t eat meat and I try to buy only regional, seasonal, and organic. And when I consume I choose companies that offer alternatives, that care for their employees and try to reduce the harm for the enviroment.

Let’s be that movement that shows another world is possible. We are many. And together we are strong. For me I chose Ethletic because they are an alternative. Fairtrade and vegan. They DO care.”

Esther Suave für Ethletic