€4,000 for school kids in Pakistan

In June, Ethletic paid 4,275 US Dollar to the Workers Welfare Society.
Ethletic is paying $1 per sold pair of shoes to the Workers Welfare Society.

In 2019 the Workers Welfare Society – of our producer in Sialkot, Pakistan – already invested 700,000 Pakistani rupees in the education of their factory workers’ children. 700,000 rupees are equivalent to almost 4.000 euros. That money was used to distribute hundreds of school bags filled with notebooks, pencils, colored pencils, sharpeners, erasers, lineal, lunchboxes and water bottles to worker’s children.

In Pakistan there are three different types of schools: Public Sector Schools, Private Sector Schools und PESSI Schools. Public Sector Schools are run by the government and the education and books are free. Private Sector Schools are very expensive. Not even the middle class can afford this school for their children. PESSI Schools are also public and government run. However, those are financed by contributions of industries. Most of the workers’ children of our producer “Talon Sports” attend the public school in Sialkot, because it is free of charge and even the school books are free. The Workers Welfare Society provides free school kits every year so that the factory workers do not have to worry about their children’s education.

Kinder und ihre neuen Schultaschen
Thumbs up! The children are more than happy about their new school bags.

School Bags Distribution Ceremony

In April the workers and their children were invited to the yearly “School Bags Distribution Ceremony” at the area of Talon Sports. The Workers Welfare Society planned an accompanying program and organized a big, common lunch and a read aloud competition to which 17 pupils participated. The two lucky winners received a small prize sponsored by Assad Bajwa.

“The children were very happy about getting the school kits and they really enjoyed the meal,”

reported Ehsan Goraya. Ehsan is one of our main contacts of the Workers Welfare Society. He regularly updates us about the activities and impacts of the welfare. Ethletic is paying one Dollar per sold pair of shoes to the Talon Sports Workers Welfare Society. Thanks to Ehsan’s reports and photos, we are able to show you, what can be achieved with our premium payment in Pakistan.

26-year-old is fine – thanks to the Workers Welfare Society

The Workers Welfare Society spent most of the funds in the health of the workers and their families in June, as they often do. This is how for example Waqar’s medical treatment was funded. Waqar is the son of Shehbas Ahmed who’s working in the sports ball department. He lives with his father and family in a small village in Sialkot. Since 2010 the 26-year-old has a defective kidney due to a former illness and complained of kidney pain again beginning of this summer. His father informed the Welfare Society of his employer – and Ethletic’s producer. Consequently, Waqar has been examined and treated at Sheikh Zaid Hospital. His defective kidney had to be removed and the well kidney also needed treatment owing to a hernia. The surgery went very well, with the result that Waqar Ahmed now enjoys a healthy life free of pain.

Nach seiner Behandlung besucht Waqar die Arbeiterwohlfahrt.
Safe and sound: Waqar visits the Welfare Society one month after his treatment


Thank you so much dear Ethletic-Family for buying our shoes and thus making our premium payments possible in general!


Edited by Sandra Laffrenzen