Fair Trainer Cranberry Red

Fair Trainer Cranberry Red

The Statement Shoe


“Klick, klick, zieh deine roten Schuhe an”, (‘Click, click, put on your red shoes!’) sings Jana Pallaske, alias JEDI¥ESS.

At first you might think, “Mmmhhhh, should I really? Such a conspicuous color? Isn’t it a little pushy?”

But once you’ve owned red shoes, you know…

Red is a basic.

Just like black, only…punkier somehow. Red is certainly a statement, but a subtle one. It’s a reminder that everything is possible.

The Fair Trainer in “Cranberry Red is a little like a tattoo proclaiming “Yes, you can”.

Fair Trainer Cranberry Red

About her song, Jana Pallaske says:

“The line ‘KLiCK KLiCK – zieh deine roten Schuhe an’ is a reference to Dorothy from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and the red shoes that empower her to do magic when she clicks her heels together. My message is that we can also do magic, anytime, because the power is always inside us. ‘KLiCK KLiCK’ is the moment when you decide what to focus all your energy on, and we always have this possibility. You can make a new decision at any moment, start all over again and change your life. The only thing you shouldn’t do is give up.”


Fair Trainer Cranberry Red

What a wonderful mantra, don’t you think? In this spirit, have a magical day!


Photos: (c) Esther Suave  www.esthersuave.com
Text: Annika Langhagel
Translation: John Jeffrey Collier