Fairtrade Award 2016


We are nomiated!

Berlin, we are comming.

„We are pleased to inform you today that your application has convinced the jury and you were elected to the three nominees of your category.“

It says so in the email, which reached us from Fairtrade Germany. On March 3, two of us will join the International Fairtrade Conference and the awarding gala. We are very pleased.
This will be (possibly) a bit like at the Oscars! ; )

In the “Manufacturer” category next to us are nomiated the Fairtrade honeys from Breitsamer and the sustainable working goldsmith January Spille, who uses Fairtrade gold and silver. A great competition.

The candidates



We are so excited about our placing – and who will present the awards this year… 2014 it was, for example, Anke Engelke.

Our thanks goes already to our employees in India and Pakistan, which burn with us for Fairtrade idea. And to you – your compassion and your thinking along keeps the good thing here running. Fair Family for ever. :)

Your Ethletic-Team