Making Of Organic Cotton

Making Of Ethical Sneaker – Part 1

“We don’t do high closs. We only do selfmade.”

Marc Solterbeck puts a lot of emphasis on this point. The reason: “It’s our friends and supporters who make our work for Ethletic even possible.”

Wolfgang Lohr is a musician, video expert, DJ. And Ethletic pal from Berlin. A vast pile of material from India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan arrived on his desk. He had the idea to produce a 10-piece video series titled “Making Of Ethical Sneaker in 10 Steps”.

For us, it is a heartfelt wish to show you who makes your sneaker, where, and how.

“We’ve come a long way …”, Take That were singing. That applies to us aswell. Winning the Fairtrade-Award 2016 feels like marking a watershed in a way.

We would like to celebrate this with this mini-series. And we want to thank the people who made this possible: YOU!

From today on, we will publish one part per week. First part: Organic Cotton from India.

We are more and more regarded as a real fashion label now by magazines and bloggers … an idea, that appeals to us, of course. Nevertheless, one thing will never be taking a backseat here: The people. The good feeling. That’s what we’re all about. For the people who make the sneakers. And the people who wear them.

#Whomademyclothes? #Whomademysneakers? – These questions will be asked over and over during the Fashion Revolution Day month in April. We know the answers. Precisely. And that’s what makes us proud.
Yours team Ethletic

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