Meet the Team – #1


Kambiz: Does everything for our clients

Oh, our Kambiz. In three words: Pleasant and capable. There’s nothing he wouldn’t know – or couldn’t find out in no time at all.

Is it possible to order shoelaces seperately? Is there a shop in Vienna selling our sneakers? What’s up with the order from Ireland? Kambiz hands out advice. In a funny tone. What more can you ask for? 

The football enthusiast with an eye for aesthetics has, by the way, also inpsired the new look of our office in Lübeck/Northern Germany. “Carpet is so much more comfortable.” Fair enough, furniture expert (for details, see below). Of course he has installed the carpet himself.

A man of action, for sure, who seems to be cool as a cucumber with his impish grin. As you can easily imagine, we are so happy to have him on our team.

What’s your name? How old are you?
Kambiz Tafazoli, 34.

Where do you live – and with who?
In Lübeck, northern Germany, on my own.

What is your job description here at Ethletic?
Key Account Manager

And what subject was the actual focus of your studies or training?
I worked as a retail salesman in a big furniture store, training other staff members.

What brought you to Ethletic?
My favorite sister. : )

What are the duties on your to-do list today? Which of them will you most likely be putting off until tomorrow?
I am responsible for retailer relations, customer service, stock, and logistics. Since I am a person who likes to finish their tasks on a daily basis, I try not to postpone anything. : )

What’s easy for you – and what’s not so easy?
It’s really easy for me to get into something. : ) And from time to time you just need to tough it out.

What moment was your greatest sense of success?
To make people laugh.

What’s your ideal lunch?
I’m not picky as long as it’s tasty.

What was your most exciting trip so far?
Egypt. Snorkeling in the awesome coral reefs was very impressive. And our quad ride though the desert was adventurous, too.

What beverage do you have on your desk?
A mixture of apple juice and (sparkling) mineral water, in German it is called “Apfelschorle”.

How do you shake off day-to-day stress?
Playing football/soccer.

Why Fairtrade?
It is a way to make sure a product has no history of child labor or other forms of exploitation. Fairtrade against poverty and for a climate of love. : )

What item of clothing that you’re wearing today is most in line with the concept of sustainability?
My Fair Trainers in Ocean Blue.

What’s your 2016 vision – for Ethletic?
To achive customer satisfaction and to advance Ethletics profile.

What’s your 2016 vision – for your private life?
To win many matches with the women’s football team that I coach. Travel through the United States from West to East and visit San Francisco, Las Vegas, Texas and New York. Staying healthy and fit.