Zulfiqar, Team Ethletic

Meet the team – #2

Zulfiqar, Team Ethletic

Zulfiqar – he pulls the strings in Pakistan

Warmhearted, with prudent ways he loves sweets, his tea break and is always very exact in what he does: Zulfiqar is Ethletics head of production in Pakistan.

“He is humorous and funny”, say Marc Solterbeck. “And sometimes, he can be quite stubborn too, since he has a strong will.” Zulfiqar has been working for “Talon Sports” for 12 years now. “For half of his work day, he is talking on his cell phone, taking care of various requests”, says Johanna Balzer. “Sometimes he gets quite irritated by the new ideas and wishes voiced by me, the German designer”, Jo says. “Then he pauses for a moment – before he smirks.”

Here are Zulifars answers to our questionaire.

What’s your name? How old are you?
Zulfiqar Ali, I’m 50 years old.

Where do you live – and with who?
Defence road, Jinnah Town, in Sialkot. I live with my family.

What is your job description here at Ethletic?
Head of Development and Production of sneakers, and I also do merchanising.

And what subject was the actual focus of your studies or training?

What brought you to Ethletic?
They were looking for an expert for new development and quality.

What are the duties on your to-do list today? Which of them will you most likely be putting off until tomorrow?
I will look after the production unit with the supervisers. I will reply to mails and check material for our new developments. I only put off those things that are not fully complete today.

What’s easy for you – and what’s not so easy?
All is easy which is in house (in factory premises). Working with outsource services is harder.

What moment was your greatest sense of success?
University life

What’s your ideal lunch?
Vegetable rice

What was your most exciting trip so far?
My first visit to Italy and Spain.

What beverage do you have on your desk?
Mineral water

How do you shake off day-to-day stress?
By good thinking and attending spirtual meetings with saints.

Why Fairtrade?
Because all is fair in fair trade.

What item of clothing that you’re wearing today is most in line with the concept of sustainability?
Jean pant with cotton shirt.

What’s your 2016 vision – for Ethletic?
Quality and intime delivery.

What’s your 2016 vision – for your private life?
To complete the accessories of my new home.