Collection 19

New Collection: Coconut, Joggers and Bathing Flip-Flops

NEWS – Our 2019 collection meeting was all about which new Ethletic styles will we present next year. What technical innovations, improvements, and colors made the grade? Like always, we’re eager to share our excitement with you here with a few “sneak peeks”, without spoiling the surprise completely. Perhaps the most intriguing question is which recommendations from our customers have we now made a reality?

By Annika Langhagel


“Oh, nice color!”, enthuses Kim at the start of the meeting. But the creamy, natural white tone is not really an added color. It’s actually just the color of the undyed organic cotton. “You mean the shoe won’t be available in this color?” Kim is disappointed for a moment. But it’s the only disappointment of the day, because the new styles, colors and functions that our designer Johanna Balzer presents on the day at our facilities in the German town of Lübeck win us all over.

Sorry about the less-than-ideal photo quality – we were busy taking in all the new features. : )

So here are some of the new features for next year, briefly summarized and in no particular order or ranking. Which ones are your favorites? Let us know with your comments on Facebook – and with a little luck you could win a pair of your choice of sneakers from our Shop! Here we go:

  1. Lots of you have asked for our new natural rubber flip-flops (FSC), ideal for the pool and the shower after working out!
  2. And not only insole-wearers will be interested to know that at least one of our models will feature removable insoles.
  3. Several models will also come with insoles made of coconut fibers that are naturally antibacterial and absorb moisture. We’re true believers in these insoles.
  4. The Randall from the current season is our first recreational skate shoe. In 2019 we’re taking it one step further: At least one model will feature even greater functionality, stability, grip, padding and extras including rubber on the tongue and in the heel area for better grip and easy slipping on and off. The development of this shoe was once again aided by pro long-boarder Esther Suave. Thanks!
  5. Here comes more “bounce”! Several models are set to come with added shock absorption in the heel with our great natural latex foam (FSC-certified).
  6. Comfort fit for some new models has been developed further for even greater wearing comfort. “How is that even possible?”, some of you might ask? ; ) The answer is more space in at the ball of the foot, improved foot roll, increased shock absorption at the heel and other extras like coconut fiber insoles (see above).
  7. A jogging shoe! Yep, it’s true: We will have a recreational jogging shoe made only of natural materials. Johanna emphasizes that it will be proudly “retro”, both in its classic look and its 80s-style features. Today’s “high-tech” monster sneakers are still not really feasible (yet!) with the eco-materials we use, and our commitment to such materials remains firmly 100% loyal. But this jogger represents a very important step on our road to truly functional sports shoes, and we’re very proud to be walking toward that goal together with you…or better said, running!
  8. Neon colors! : )
  9. Batik patterns! : ))
  10. And a slightly punky organic cotton worker’s-style boot.

Like I said, we’re really looking forward to your initial feedback. Please leave your comments on Facebook. We’ll be in touch. : )

Your Ethletic Team

Translation: John Jeffrey Collier