The New Logo – and the Same Old Passion

Many of you have already seen our new Ethletic logo in photos. We’ve changed the font to “ethletic” in lower-case lettering, and we’ve also added the lower-case “e” on its own as our symbol on new sneakers such as our Hiro model. Our “e” stands for “ethics”. Why?

Text: Annika Langhagel | Marc Solterbeck

It’s been a good two years since Ethletic designer Johanna convinced us to think about changing our logo. Shortly thereafter she surprised us with her initial draft ideas.

“If Ethletic is supposed to be an ethical alternative to Adidas, Nike and the other big players, then we also have to make the brand attractive and competitive for younger people, not just a ‘nostalgia’ brand for millennials”,

was the unanimous opinion of the team.

As you know, we’re constantly developing Ethletic further. Let’s call it a kind of evolution, starting from the simple, classic All-Star style canvas sneaker representing our beginnings and the basis of everything (this line will continue as the Ethletic Heritage Collection). The next step is “real” padded sneakers featuring a great looking design and extra comfort (available from this season), followed by functional sports shoes (starting in 2019) – all “naturally” on the basis of our certified sustainable, fair supply chains.

It’s always a challenge to leave something reliable and familiar behind. After careful consideration, we’ve decided to take on this challenge.

Yes, we’re ready to work on a new look!

And, ta-da…here it is, the result of infinite discussions, turnarounds, nightshifts and caffeine!





With our “e” we want to promote the ethical treatment of people, animals and nature. Ethletic’s friends, customers, community and employees are pointing the way for respect and tolerance.

According to Wikipedia, ethics is “[…] a branch of philosophy that involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong conduct” – Elementary in a world becoming ever more complex.


The Welfare Society at our factory in Pakistan: Female employees and relatives benefit from these social measures.

We want to establish ourselves as the first sportswear brand in the world a) whose raw materials and products come from supervised sustainable supply chains, and b) where the production and development of our products causes no suffering or diminishes the quality of living.

Ethletic boss Marc Solterbeck says:

“If we and our community manage to become so successful that the ‘greed’ of the global players drives them to copy us, then we’ve accomplished our mission at Ethletic”.

In all of this, Ethletic is not interested in becoming a global player itself, operating in a prefabricated system of profit and growth. We’re far more interested in being pioneers for the challenge of the future.

Wanna join us? We’re looking forward to this journey together.


Your Ethletic Team