Ethletic is collecting tip for Ukraine workers

First came the shock, then the question

The tip me team was on the train when the news came: “Russian troops are attacking Ukraine.” First came the shock. Then the question: “How can we help? What can we do. How can tip me give its community the opportunity to contribute?”

Briefly collect ideas, decide, distribute tasks. Come on!

Helen (tip me’s fairy godmother) sought out factories and workers in Ukraine who can receive the tip. Jonathan (the boss of tip me) pulled out the phone to contact all of tip me’s partner brands so that as many tips as possible could be collected as support.
And one of the first brands that Johnathan contacted was of course ethletic :). Together with tip me we want to set an example for solidarity and peace.

Ethletic doubles the tip

So, if you put a 5€ tip in the shopping cart when buying your sneakers for the employees from Pakistan, for example, then ethletic will give the whole (5€) again on top. Your tip will be doubled and will go to Pakistan as usual, where it will reach the maker of your sneakers as usual.
However, the other 5€ from ethletic are forwarded 100% to workers in Ukraine by tip me. There, your donations should help the people who are currently losing everything. So we try to make a small contribution and demonstrate solidarity and would be happy if you take part or encourage friends to join us

Tip me and ethletic cover all transaction and administration costs. So you can be sure that your solidarity goes unfiltered to the local people. You will then receive updates about the impact of your donation here in the blog or in the newsletter.



A sign of solidarity – and much more than that

Seeing the current support for Ukraine gives hope: how hundreds of thousands of people are taking to the streets, signing petitions and welcoming refugees into their homes.

We want to provide another channel here: direct donations to local people.
(Betterplace link:



We  say thank you to the tip me-team

We were wondering how we as a brand can help. After all, you don’t need summer shoes based on organic fairtrade canvas in Ukraine at this time of the year. Also, our small brand does not have the human resources that we could have staff, or even I could drive to the border to help. So w were  very relieved when we got the call from tip me and Jonathan made this suggestion to us. Now I hope that word of this action will get around quickly and that we will also get a little tip on our feet.


Jonathan (tip me) |  Marc (ethletic)

Content : Jonathan & Marc