Christoph Beitragsbild

Nice to meet you: Christoph – The environment, hiking and DIY

Christoph beim Laufen
Clearing out your head: Christoph jogging.

For the Love of Nature

Yes, they are rare – but they’re out there: vegan men! And Christoph is one of them. His love for animals means he refuses on principle to eat or otherwise consume any animal-based products.

In addition to 40-year-old Christoph’s empathy for animals, his veganism is also motivated by environmental considerations. He sees a vegan lifestyle as just one more way to keep his ecological footprint as small as possible.

“Most of the food I buy is regional and seasonal, I’m meticulous about separating recyclables from my trash, I go almost everywhere on my bicycle and I try to keep my water consumption to a minimum.”

Christoph’s mate Katharina also shares his sustainable lifestyle, and it was through Katharina that Christoph was introduced to Ethletic a few years back. Animal welfare and protecting the environment are not issues that fade away when he’s buying clothes. His closet is packed with articles from the sustainable vegan bleed clothing label, and there’s also an upcycled rucksack made of old fire hoses from feuerwear in there.

Christoph am Meer
The long view: Christoph is always drawn back to the sea.

As a tax consultant Christoph’s professional life is spent crunching numbers at his desk, so as a nature lover he tries to spend as much of his free time as possible outdoors. An active athlete in his leisure time, jogging with his dog frees up Christoph’s head. But he also loves a slower pace, so he takes advantage of every opportunity to go hiking, preferably near the water.

And Do-It-Yourself, or DIY, is more than just a catchphrase for Christoph: He’s a true handyman! From simple repairs to new constructions built from scratch, there isn’t much in the DIY world Christoph hasn’t already tried and mastered.

Christoph beim Heimwerken
Going for it! Christoph at his handyman hobby.

Katharina and Christian live together with their dog “Oskar” and their cat “Lucky” in the town of Hamm in northwestern Germany. Sleepy “Lucky” was rescued from the local animal shelter, and is either hardly aware or can hardly believe his luck! Christoph and Katharina confide in us

“We’re still working on having children, but we want our kids to experience a world as wonderful as the one from our own childhood.”

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Redaktion: Sandra Laffrenzen
Translation: John Jeffrey Collier