Nice to meet you: Sabina – yoga, art and dogs

Sabina (31) aus Berlin
The 31-year-old artist is a big fair-fashion fanatic.

“I love my ‘Chuck'”

As a photographer and artist, Sabina has a natural eye for the finer things in life. Nevertheless, today she considers more than just the appearances of clothes – and for good reason.

“The topic of fair fashion has interested me for a long time and I am trying to gradually change my wardrobe into a 100 percent fair and sustainable wardrobe”, says the 31-year-old Berliner.

Of course, that can’t happen overnight, “unless I get rid of everything that does not meet these standards – but that too would not be sustainable”, says Sabina. So the change will happen gradually.

Sabina loves sneakers that emulate the chucks style. In her search for a “green” alternative, she came across Ethletic.

“For me, fair pay and sustainable production are equally important”,

she stresses. As a passionate yogi, she swears by the label Mandala. Other Eco and Fair fashion brands that she likes, include: Armendangels, People Tree and the vegan bag makers from MATT & NAT.

Aside from fair fashion, Sabina loves animals. Sabina and her husband had planned to rescue a four-legged friend from the animal shelter; “however, at the time there were only very large dogs in the Berlin shelter – which wouldn’t work for our apartment”, revealed Sabina. Sabina and her husband did not want to support a breeder, so they adopted their mutt “Chuck” from a family. Animal shelters and the fate of its inhabitants are particularly important to the vegan. “When I was living in Cairns, Australia, I took pictures regularly at events organized by an animal welfare organization”, she says. Dogs, snakes, birds – anything that came before her lens.

A lot of empathy was required to make the animals feel comfortable in front of the lens. Making sure the animals were not frightened was key to creating unique pictures. “All the proceeds of the day were, of course, donated to the animal welfare organization”, recalls Sabina.

Sabina's Dog
Unconditional Love: Sabina lives with her mutt “Chuck” and her husband in a Berlin apartment.

What does she wish for in the future? Again, Sabina thinks “green”. “To produce much less waste”, she says is an important goal. “And consume less overall”, because she knows: “Things” do not create the same kind of happiness that passions do – reading, painting, drawing, sports, love… and her faithful little sidekick “Chuck.”


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Redaktion: Sandra Laffrenzen & Annika Langhagel
Translation: John Jeffrey Collier